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Support: Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Postage, Images and Supplies

Q: How do I buy postage, library images, or other supplies like additional labels?

A: Just click on the Buy Stamps and Supplies icon to start your shopping experience.

Your PC must be connected to the Internet to shop. In addition, your Stamp Expressions® Printer must be connected to your computer if you intend to purchase postage. Stamp Art and Supplies, however, may be purchased without the Stamp Expressions® Printer being connected

The Buy Stamps and Supplies page will have three tabs at the top; one for Postage, one for Stamp Art, and one for Supplies. Select the tab you want and then select the items you need.

Q: Can I buy any postage denomination I want?

A: Yes, up to a maximum of $99.99. If the denomination you wish to buy is not on the dropdown list on the Postage page, simply select "Other" and type in the denomination, and quantity of that denomination you wish to purchase.

Q: How often can I exchange unprinted postage?

A: You may exchange postage as often as you wish. However, see the question below regarding the time limitation.

Q: Is there a time limit on when I can exchange unprinted postage?

A: Yes. The United States Postal Service limits exchanges to within 90 days of purchase.

Q: Why does my Stamp Expressions® printer have to be connected to my computer to buy postage?

A: To purchase postage you must be connected to the internet. Once purchased you must download the postage to your printer for secure storage.

Q: How much postage can I store in the printer?

A: You can store up to 500 individual digital indicia in your printer, for a total value of $200. The postage is stored in specific denominations of postage units, not as a fund to be drawn from as with a postage meter.
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Download Stamp Expressions Printer Software

Stamp Expressions® Printer Software Version: 01.02.0013 - released on June 11, 2007

Quick Start Guide (pdf) - a step by step guide on your printer installation and postage creation

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