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Support: Frequently Asked Questions

Installation & Printer Setup

Q: How do I Login?

A: To Login, enter the email address you used during the order process along with the password that was provided in the Initial Order Confirmation email. Once you have logged in for the first time you can change your password to something that is easy to remember.

Q: What connections are needed in order to use my printer?

A: The printer is not battery operated and must always be connected to a standard outlet using the power adapter. The printer must also be connected to the PC for tasks such as purchasing postage and submitting custom graphics for approval. The printer is connected to the PC using a standard universal serial bus (USB) cable, also supplied with the Stamp Expressions® Printer.

Q: What if my Installation CD is broken or I don't have one? Where do I get the software?

A: All the software required is included on the CD-ROM that's part of your Stamp Expressions kit. If you bought the Stamp Expressions® Printer from a third party without the CD, or have lost or damaged your CD, the latest version of software is always available at the Stamp Expressions web site, www.pbstampexpressions.com. Once at the web site, click the Stamp Expressions® Printer SUPPORT button, and then select Software Download..

Q: How do I set-up my Stamp Expressions® Printer?

A: Simply follow the steps provided on the Printer Set-Up Instructions that are in the box with the printer. This is, by far, the quickest and most convenient way to get your Stamp Expressions printer up and running...If you have lost or misplaced you Printer Set-Up Instructions you can find them on the web at www.pbstampexpressions.com. Go to SUPPORT then click on the USER GUIDES tab and you can access the Printer Set-Up Instructions as well as view an Installation Demo.

Q: How do I install the software?

A: The software install process is quick and easy. Just follow the steps provided on the Printer Set-Up Instructions. Place the CD in your computer's CD drive and the installation will start automatically. If your system is configured so that a CD will not auto start, just use Windows Explorer to navigate to the CD folder and double click on the setup.exe file..

Q: Where do I get software upgrades?

A: The latest software will always be available at the Stamp Expressions® web site, www.pbstampexpressions.com. Click on the Stamp Expressions® Printer PRODUCT SUPPORT button, and then select Software Download. Additionally, you can check for upgrades by selecting the Help menu on your PC application and selecting, "Check for Updates."

Q: How do I set-up the printer and install the software?

A: Follow the simple steps outlined in the Quick Install Guide included in the box. To download a copy of this guide, click on the link to the right under Downloads. If for some reason you do not have the software installation CD you can download the software here as well.

Q: What do I do if I lost or never received an email with my password information?

A: The email address you provided at the time you placed your order will be the email you use to access your account. If you believe you have an account set-up, but do not have the password simply click on forgot email or password from the sign-on screen in the application.
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Download Stamp Expressions Printer Software

Stamp Expressions® Printer Software Version: 01.02.0013 - released on June 11, 2007

Quick Start Guide (pdf) - a step by step guide on your printer installation and postage creation

Contact US

Our customer support team is available to assist you Monday - Friday, 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. EST

Email: stampexpressions@pb.com

Phone: 1.866.96.STAMP (1.866.967.8267)

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