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Custom Image Creation

Q: How much postage can I store in the Stamp Expressions® Printer?

A: You can store up to 500 individual digital indicia in the Stamp Expressions® Printer, up to $200.00 in value depending on the denominations. The postage is stored as digital indicia of specific denominations not as a fund to be drawn from.

Q: How do I print a postage using the Stamp Expressions® software?

A: Click on the large Print Stamps icon at the top of the screen. From the Print Stamps screen simply follow the 1-2-3 steps of selecting an image (optional), selecting a denomination, and selecting a quantity. You can see a preview of your postage label in the Preview and Print box. After checking the preview, select a quantity to print, make sure your Stamp Expressions® Printer is connected to your computer and click the green PRINT button. You can also print postage when not connected to your computer (See the next item).

Q: Does the Stamp Expressions® Printer have to be attached to my computer to print?

A: No, you may print postage as long as the Stamp Expressions® Printer is plugged into an outlet and has power. If you are not connected to the PC, you will want to refer to the button map label on the top of your printer. Select one of the three buttons on the top of the printer to select the denomination. Your selection will be indicated by a light on the button you pushed. You may optionally select images by pressing one of the two small buttons on the bottom of the printer. The selected button will be indicated with a green light. If you do not want a graphic, press the selected bottom button to turn it off. When you are ready to print, press the large round Print button.

If you want to print a postage with a image or denomination that is not currently in your Stamp Expressions® Printer, you will need to change the printer button assignments (see next question)

Q: How do I assign denominations and images to the buttons on my Stamp Expressions® Printer?

A: Click on the Assign Printer Buttons link in the Printer Status Area. On the next screen you will see your postage denominations on the left-hand side, your images on the right-hand side, and a large graphic of the printer in the center of the screen (see below). Click on the button on the printer you wish to assign, and then click on the denomination or images you wish to assign to that button.

Q: How do I make a reminder label to slide under the plastic window on top of my printer?

A: When you are done making your button assignments, click on the green SAVE button (see Figure above). Once the button configuration is saved you will be asked if you want to print a label. Say YES, and place your new button map under the protective plastic holder on top of the printer.

Q: What do all the different lights on my printer mean?


Postage Denomination Buttons (3 buttons above the Stamp Expressions® Printer display)
GreenYou have more than 10 units of this postage denomination in your printer.
AmberYou have 10 units or less of the specified postage denomination in the printer.
RedYou are out of this postage denomination.
No LightPostage denomination is inactive or not selected. Stamp Expressions® Printer may be off.
Stamp Art Buttons (2 buttons below the printer display)
GreenThis image is selected and will be printed to the left of the selected postage denomination.
No LightImage is not selected. Stamp Expressions® Printer may be off.
Print Button
GreenPower is on. You are ready to print.
Green and flashingPower is on and postage is being printed.
AmberThe number of labels remaining on the roll in the printer is running low. (There are markings on the back of the label roll that are detected by the printer when you start to run low on labels.)
RedThe printer is locked.
Flashing Red while idleThis is an internal printer error, or the printer has run out of labels.
Flashing Red on Power UpThis is an internal printer error. Contact Customer Service.
Flashing Red while printingThere is a jam in the printer, or the printer has run out of labels.
No LightStamp Expressions® Printer is off.

Q: How long does it take to approve an image?

A: Pitney Bowes promises to approve all images submitted in 1 business day..

Q: Can I make changes to my images once they have been approved?

A: No. Once the art is approved by Pitney Bowes it is "digitally signed" so that it may not be altered.

Q: Can I make changes to my images once they have been approved?

A: No. Once the art is approved by Pitney Bowes it is "digitally signed" so that it may not be altered.

Q: How can I view my entire collection of images I have purchased?

A: All of the images you have purchased, whether your own digital photos or images from the Stamp Expressions® Library, reside on your hard drive. You may see the collection by clicking on the "View Your Stamp Art" link in the Printer Status area of the PC application or by selecting PRINT STAMPS from the main menu.

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Download Stamp Expressions Printer Software

Stamp Expressions® Printer Software Version: 01.02.0013 - released on June 11, 2007

Quick Start Guide (pdf) - a step by step guide on your printer installation and postage creation

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