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Custom Image Creation

Q: How do I design my own postage?

A: Just click on the Design Stamps icon.

Once you are on the Design Stamps page, you will be able to import any graphic file stored on your PC and then edit it using the easy to use tools provided such as zoom and rotate image. Try it, it's fun!

Q: How can I edit my image?

A: You can use the tools provided on the Design Stamps page to edit your image prior to submission to Pitney Bowes. Once your image has been approved by Pitney Bowes and returned to your computer, it is locked and cannot be edited further.

Q: What file types and sizes can I use to design and create my own images?

A: Your StampExpressions® software can accept images from common graphic files such as bmp, gif, jpg, and tiff. Any size file is acceptable to open in the Design Stamps screen, but the graphic will be converted to a 200 X 225 pixel JPEG before it's uploaded.

Q: How many images can I store in the Stamp Expressions® Printer?

A: Only two images (your own or library) may be stored in the Stamp Expressions® Printer at any one time. However, an unlimited number of images may reside on your PC as a part of your library, and you can swap them in and out as often as you would like by following the "Assign Printer Buttons" process.

Q: Can I print just an image without postage?

A: Yes you can! The Stamp Expressions® Printer makes an excellent "Sticker Printer" for the kids! On the Print Stamps page, select the picture you want, but don't select any postage.

The Print Preview panel will display your image and the postage side of the label will say, "no postage selected." When printing images only, you can only print 1 image at a time by clicking on the PRINT button with no quantity selected.

Q: Why must my images be approved? What are the guidelines?

A: The United States Postal Service places very specific regulations on what types of images or messages may be placed on the mail. These Terms and Conditions are always available for review by going to the Help menu in your PC application. In general, images and messages that are obscene, offensive, blasphemous, pornographic, sexually suggestive, deceptive, profane, threatening, menacing, abusive, harmful, an invasion of privacy, supportive of unlawful action, patently offensive, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, violent, discriminatory (based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, or physical ability), negatively pertaining to any particular individual or otherwise objectionable, or that advocates any of the aforementioned must be disapproved.

Q: How long does it take to approve an image?

A: Pitney Bowes promises to review all images submitted in 1 business day..

Q: Can I make changes to my images once they have been approved?

A: No. Once the art is approved by Pitney Bowes it is "digitally signed" so that it may not be altered.

Q: How can I view my entire collection of images I have purchased?

A: All of the images you have purchased, whether your own digital photos or images from the Stamp Expressions® Library, reside on your hard drive. You may see the collection by clicking on the "View Your Stamp Art" link in the Printer Status area of the PC application or by selecting PRINT STAMPS from the main menu.

Q: What do I do if my image is rejected?

A: If your image is rejected, you will need review the Image Approval Guidelines prior to submitting another image.
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Download Stamp Expressions Printer Software

Stamp Expressions® Printer Software Version: 01.02.0013 - released on June 11, 2007

Quick Start Guide (pdf) - a step by step guide on your printer installation and postage creation

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